marți, martie 16, 2010

everyone make mistakes

One day Henry called his girlfriend, but she didn't answer the phone.He started to panic.She always picked up when he was calling,but not this time.He went to her place,knocked at the door and nobody answered.On that moment many thoughts passed trough his mind.He started to worry because she was the girl that he ever loved,who was there for him in every second of his life and now,she was a girl like all the others.She was his girlfriend that couldn't recognize.One of the questions that made him crazy was: "Is she the one that I met at the metro-station and thought that she's the perfect one for me,my soulmate?!"
Paniced as he was,he called her bestfriend,Marry.He asked her where Emma could be.He couldn't find her and that was making him insane.At that moment Marry started to cry.He didn't know what happened,but all he knew was that this story will not have a happy ending.Marry hanged up the phone and sended him a text message saying that Emma was on a date with her ex-boyfriend from high-school.When he red the test he started to yell in the middle of the street;that always worked for him.On that moment he called Emma and left her a voice message: "I'm not going to be around you anymore.Goodby forever! - Henry"
He knew,as he walked away,that he would never return.

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